ICPB Plc. is a construction company dedicated to projects involving infrastructure of roads, homes, buildings, as well as engineering fields.

Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown its capacity and has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to the timely fulfillment of all agreements set forth in current contracts.


ICPB SA, was founded on September 24, 1998 as a limited liability company, on the initiative of Juan José Baena Correa and Camilo A. Palacio Bernal as partners, naming as Manager Mr. Juan José Baena Correa and as a substitute to Mr. Camilo Bernal Alberto Palacio.

Since September 2001, the company undertakes project design and implementation of the Quality System in order to build trust through objective and concrete demonstration of the ability to meet the requirements of customers getting by ICONTEC in May 2006 quality certificate whose scope is "infrastructure construction of railways, buildings and urban works."

In 2008 the society transformed from ICPB Ltd. (Ingeniería y Construcción Palacio Baena) to ICPB Plc.


To contribute to the development of the country through major infrastructure projects and to continue as a stable and competitive company by increasing market share.


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